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cyanotype — Richard Jeffery Photography


Camera-less images made for an exhibition in the Fine Family Foundation Gallery at Durlston Castle for the ‘To the Lighthouse’ exhibition in August 2016.  These one-off prints on hand made khadi paper were made along a walk starting from my studio in Corfe Castle and ending in the wild flower meadows at Durlston. Wherever possible, the approach was to carefully bend over grasses and wild flowers to make the image with least disruption to the site.  Sizes vary from around 10″ x 10″ up to 36″ x 24″.  You can get a sense of the scale from the images below of work being created in 2016.

I’m interested in the small detail in the landscape – not the grand view but its component parts: the textures, lines and colour you catch in the corner of your eye as you pass through.  The small unseen detail within the wider landscape –bird flight hiding the richness of its movement on the edge of vision, the hidden glory of hedgerow and meadow plants that make up much of what we walk upon and over – rather than the grand view or the showy specimen flowers.

I love the unique nature of this process – each print made from direct contact with the subject, the sunlight trapping a shadow in the iron salts on the paper.  I will be running more workshops in 2017 – courses are usually advertised on www.purbecklight.co.uk.